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Welcome to my blog celebrating all the things I love. I will be writing about the things that inspire me, discussing fashion and style tips, taking you from the runway to real life. With party planning tips for all occasions. Keeping you in the know with the latest trends in food, décor and lifestyle. And, time and again about the balance of being running a successful business and being a great Mom to my two boys who are 12 and 6. I’m excited to begin this blogging journey and hope to hear your feedback to learn about things you want to see.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner for your Corporate Event

1.) Smart Spending: One of the most useful services that event planners offer is the ability to manage your budget for you. The job of an event planner is to guide your decisions to stay within your budget so that you don't have to worry about this essential aspect of your event. Searching for vendors,venues and decorations is much easier with an established budget and experienced planner by your side. 




2.) Save company resources and time: You and your employees should not have to spend time that could be spent working, planning your event. Creating an event while also completing your daily responsibilities can be stressful, and can have a negative impact on your work. 


3.) Event planners already have well established connections: Experienced planners have a plethora of connections at their finger tips for every aspect of an event. They know what has been successful in the past and can offer helpful advice and guidance that suits your particular event. They have the appropriate and accurate industry knowledge to know what will make your event as successful as it can be. 




4.) A successful event is essential to building your brand: Having a successful event contributes to your company's image and can increase your exposure. It is imperative that the exposure you receive is positive and is able to attract clients to your company. Corporate events are a great way to interpret company culture, so having a professional plan your event is important so that you portray exactly what you are intending.





5.) Be a guest at your own party: Its easy to get caught up in the logistics of pulling an event together, and forget that you are supposed to be a guest and not a host. Having an event planner allows you to actually enjoy the event without worrying about what tasks must be completed. Signature Events offers on site event management to ensure that you can fully enjoy your time!


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By Jillian Doherty & Priscilla Jeon

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