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Welcome to my blog celebrating all the things I love. I will be writing about the things that inspire me, discussing fashion and style tips, taking you from the runway to real life. With party planning tips for all occasions. Keeping you in the know with the latest trends in food, décor and lifestyle. And, time and again about the balance of being running a successful business and being a great Mom to my two boys who are 12 and 6. I’m excited to begin this blogging journey and hope to hear your feedback to learn about things you want to see.

6 Ways to Include your Favorite Fellas in your Wedding

1. Ask the Best Man to throw a party for your wedding party! This is a great opportunity for the entire wedding party to get to know one another so that they will be a cohesive group of friends by the day of the wedding. If the Best Man needs some help planning a fun get together, the Maid of Honor would make a great co-host.
2. Surprise the groomsmen with exciting gifts! A great way to keep your groomsmen happy is to get them a thoughtful groomsman gift that they will be ecstatic to use.  Personalized groomsmen flasks are the perfect gift for groomsmen to use at the reception and for many events yet to come! Make sure to get classic, clean looking flasks to keep your groomsmen looking and feeling sleek and stylish. 

3. Enlist the guys' help in designing a signature drink! Often times, the bridal party is kept in the loop on decisions made for the wedding because the bride is eager to get her girlfriends’ opinions on the dress, venue, décor, etc. One way to include the men in some decision-making is to ask them to help design a signature cocktail for your wedding reception. Taste-testing and experimenting with different concoctions is an entertaining activity that interests both men and women, so it would be perfect for your pre-wedding get together with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Undoubtedly, the men will take pride in having helped design a custom beverage for the big day! 

4. Let the men rock the photos! It’s common knowledge that most men dread long photo sessions unlike their female counterparts. Keep the men laughing with hilarious personality pictures during the photography sessions. Let them be their goofy selves and everyone will enjoy the comical outcome! 

5. Have your guy friends be your wedding ushers! Your fiancé is likely to pick his closest buds to comprise his groomsmen gang, but you may also have some close guy friends who you want to be a part of your special day. The role of usher or attendant is perfect for your charming guy friends. There’s no one better to escort your mother and grandmother down the aisle on your wedding day. 

 6. Encourage the men to own their style! Even though men are sometimes not as fashion-conscious as women, deep down every man loves to dress up in a sophisticated tuxedo. Similarly, your groomsmen may enjoy being a part of the planning process when picking their outfits for the big day. Obviously, as the bride, you can show them the general style and color scheme you’re looking for, but let them decide some details, whether it’s the cuff links or awesome matching socks! 

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