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Welcome to my blog celebrating all the things I love. I will be writing about the things that inspire me, discussing fashion and style tips, taking you from the runway to real life. With party planning tips for all occasions. Keeping you in the know with the latest trends in food, décor and lifestyle. And, time and again about the balance of being running a successful business and being a great Mom to my two boys who are 12 and 6. I’m excited to begin this blogging journey and hope to hear your feedback to learn about things you want to see.

5 Tips for Staying Within Your Wedding Budget

5 Tips for Staying Within Your Wedding Budget:

We at Signature Events understand budget restrictions and know what it takes to successfully establish and maintain a budget, take a look at some of our tips!

  1. Determine your budget. This is going to be different for every bride, and it is imperative that you determine the budget before you actually start planning your big day. Have a conversation with your fiancée to make sure that you are both on the same page for the budget and how you should move forward in the planning process. 

  1. Determine what you’re willing to compromise. Prioritize what means the most to you at your wedding. For some couples this can range from anything to the venue, vendors or number of guests. Is it worth it to you to spend more on the venue that you really want, if it means cutting down your guest list?                          


  1. Figure out what you’ll need assistance with and what you can do yourself. There are so many DIY (do it yourself) options online that can save you money and allow you to still have a beautiful wedding.

Center Pieces


Wedding Favors


Bridesmaid Proposals

  1. Be organized. Make lists of how much money you are spending, and schedules of when you need to complete certain tasks by. Being organized throughout this process will not only make it less stressful for you, but more enjoyable too!                                                                                
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family and there for a reason, and want to help you in any way they can. Nobody expects you to complete every aspect of your wedding alone. This is a journey and its okay to ask for help!                                                                                                   


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