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Welcome to my blog celebrating all the things I love. I will be writing about the things that inspire me, discussing fashion and style tips, taking you from the runway to real life. With party planning tips for all occasions. Keeping you in the know with the latest trends in food, décor and lifestyle. And, time and again about the balance of being running a successful business and being a great Mom to my two boys who are 12 and 6. I’m excited to begin this blogging journey and hope to hear your feedback to learn about things you want to see.

5 Fall Parties You Should be Planning Now


1.    Oktoberfest Beer Party 

You don’t have to be in Munich to enjoy this fantastic tradition. Even though the Germans have been celebrating Oktoberfest since the early 19th century, it’s not too late to start your own annual celebration! Have each guest bring a different, preferably fall-themed beer. Give each guest a sample of each beer as well as a tasting sheet to fill out. Then, let the fun begin! Some great local breweries in Nashville to check out are Yazoo Brewing Company (http://yazoobrew.com/) and Fat Bottom Brewery (http://www.fatbottombrewing.com/)


 2.   Fall Festival  

This family favorite event is not just for elementary schools! Host your own Fall Festival in your backyard complete with bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, and roasting s’mores!  Grab some hay bales to provide your guests with effortless outdoor seating around the campfire.  If you want to venture out for your Fall Festival, try visiting Gentry Farms (http://www.gentryfarm.com/) or Arrington Vineyeards (http://www.arringtonvineyards.com/).   

3.   Football Party 

The SEC agrees: it wouldn’t be fall without football. And is there any better way to cheer on your favorite team than enjoying yummy appetizers with your friends? Upgrade your tailgate favorites and try serving dark rye grilled cheese footballs, chocolate covered strawberry footballs, watermelon football helmets, and pigskin cheese balls. Don’t forget to incorporate your team’s colors into the decorations!       


4.   Scary Movie Marathon  

Turn your living room into an old fashioned movie theatre by adding an adorable concession stand with popcorn, candy, and other theatre staples! To get into the spirit of Halloween, screen scary movie classics like The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you want your party to be kid friendly as well,  consider setting up a kid’s theatre in another room! Great Halloween movies for the kids include Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town. If you’re in the mood to go out for a movie, check out Nashville’s nonprofit cinema, the Belcourt (http://www.belcourt.org/events), when they are having their midnight showings of horror flicks!  


5.   Dessert Derby  

You may not want to wait for the leaves to change to have this party! Challenge each party guest to bring their best fall dessert! There’s many classics to choose from: Pecan pie, apple cobbler, and all things pumpkin!  Create fun categories such as "Most Delicious", "Most Adventurous", and "Best Presentation", and let everyone vote for their favorite in each category.  The winners leave with bragging rights, and everyone leaves with happy stomachs! 


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