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Welcome to my blog celebrating all the things I love. I will be writing about the things that inspire me, discussing fashion and style tips, taking you from the runway to real life. With party planning tips for all occasions. Keeping you in the know with the latest trends in food, décor and lifestyle. And, time and again about the balance of being running a successful business and being a great Mom to my two boys who are 12 and 6. I’m excited to begin this blogging journey and hope to hear your feedback to learn about things you want to see.

Tip Tuesday

Once you have found your dream dress the next step is to find the perfect shoes to complete your bridal look. 

This week we have seven tips for you to consider when shoe shopping. 

Don’t be Afraid to Rock Them: It is important to find shoes that fit your personality and make you happy. 
After all, you’re the one walking down the aisle in them so you better feel like a million bucks and then some!  


Bigger Isn’t Always Better: While you may see a pair of 7 inch heels that are completely fabulous,
are they really ideal for an all-day event in a wedding gown?  We suggest sticking with a 3-4 inch heel that still gives you height,
but does not make it unbearable to get through the day.    

 Strap Sense: Speaking of unbearable, there is nothing worse than wearing a heel that does not stay on your foot! 
So to make it easier on yourself try finding a shoe that has a strap or a strap can be added to it. 
This will give you stability and flexibility. 


 Match your Theme: Not only should your shoe fit your personality but it should also fit the theme of your wedding. 
If you are planning a rustic outdoor wedding it probably isn’t the smartest idea to wear 5 inch stilettos that sink in the ground,
instead try a 3-4 inch wedge or flat sandal.  Or if you want to have a beach wedding any heel would cause problems
and it would be best wear a sandal or no shoes.   

Backup Plan: Let’s say you want to rock the aisle with a 5-6inch heel, then by all means go for it, but do you really want to wear
them all night long for your reception? We suggest bringing a back-up pair of shoes. 
Maybe a simple flat or small heeled sandal.  Because remember when you go for your dress fitting your hem will be cut to the
measurement of your height in your shoes.   

Wear Them to the Fitting: As we stated earlier, it is important to bring your shoes to your dress fitting so your seamstress
can have the correct measurements.  It is okay to wait to find your shoes since your dress will take some time to come in,
but make sure you have them at your fitting.   

Break Them In:  No one wants to be nursing blistered, sore feet on their wedding night,
prepare yourself by breaking in your shoes before the big day.  Wear them around the house washing dishes,
vacuuming, doing laundry, any little activities where you can try out your shoes. 
Because maybe you will find that they just aren’t comfortable enough and you need a different pair. 


 If you are unsure of where to check out your best options, set up an appointment today at b. Hughes Bridal where
we offer a catalog of Angela Nuran shoes or find her collection online http://www.angelanuran.com/ 
Her shoes offer memory foam insoles, a variety heights, and a variety of different styles.
You are sure to find the best of both worlds in style and comfort.

Posted by Karen Kaforey at 12:05 PM
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